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The Montesano Method


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071_nicoledavid011715_andrialoweddingsI’m David Montesano, owner of College Match US and creator of the Montesano Method.

I was the first college admissions strategist to bring a business-minded approach to getting into college.

Throughout my 20 years of experience, I have helped countless students and their families navigate the waters of college admissions, consistently achieving a 95% success rate of getting students into their first choice school. {Read more}

I see my role as your partner in helping your child achieve their dreams. This can be a stressful time for both you and him, and having someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of college applications is invaluable. Not only does it increase the odds of success, but it makes the entire process less trying for everyone involved. Just like you, I wholeheartedly believe your child has what it takes to reach her goals. {Read more}



Meet David and join him in exploring The Montesano Method through self study. Gain insights on his unique four-step process: spark, fire, vision, brand.

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

An un-matched experience. This one-on-one experience with David gives students,and parents customized education, consultation, assistance and peace of mind in this important decision process.


  • My daughter was accepted to some of the most selective colleges

    Saying that David helped us would be to underestimate things. He did a fantastic job. My daughter started seeing a goal and together with David, we specified the steps required to reach it. Her grades improved, but most importantly, David noticed that she is a good writer and helped her unleash her creative potential and demonstrate to colleges her ability. She won several national awards and her stories were published in respected literary journals. Along with this, David helped us choose the right colleges and guided us through the entire application process. My daughter was accepted to some of the most selective colleges in the country: Bard, Sarah Lawrence and Cornell University. Some of the colleges (Whittier and Mills) gave her big merit-based scholarships. We definitely would not have had such a great choice of colleges if we had not worked with David.

    Milena Salmon, parent of Cornell University (Ivy League) student

  • I received nearly full rides at almost every single school

    Davids advice helped me think strategically about my entrance essays and how to best fill out my applications and financial aid forms. When all was said and done, out of the ten schools I applied to, I was accepted to nine, including Columbia University, and waitlisted at one. Best of all, I received nearly full rides at almost every single school. Without the Montesano Method, I could never have gotten into the phenomenal college that I will be attending this fall.

    Aspen Jordan, admitted to Columbia University (Ivy League) and Williams College (Little Ivy)

  • David was very accommodating with his time

    I began my search & application process for graduate schools relatively late in the process, with just a few weeks before the deadline. Right off the bat, David was very accommodating with his time. From the initial consultation, I could tell that David was very skilled at determining my strengths & weaknesses & how they fit into various graduate MBA programs. He quickly got an intrinsic understanding of 'who I am' & was able to devise an action plan to highlight my strengths for my school of choice.

    David would promptly answer my questions & provide strong recommendations on how to articulate myself in the application. I would highly recommend David if you are looking for an expert in the graduate admissions process. He’s worth every penny.

    TT, Admitted to Stanford MBA/Stanford Master of Engineering, 2016

  • Working with David helped my son gain confidence

    David helped us energize the application process.  David was very encouraging and knew how to highlight my child's strengths so that they would be noticed by colleges.  He made some great suggestions for interview strategies and got my child to realize what he had to offer to a school. Working with David helped my son gain confidence and consequently, my son was accepted at 13 schools (some with merit awards) and wait-listed at 2. David was wonderful to work with: personable, energetic and a great deal of knowledge about the many schools and options.

    Maya and Jonathan, Parents of College Match student accepted by Oberlin College

  • He taught me how distinguish my application from the others

    David Montesano and the College Match proved really helpful at a time when I really needed it. I got into UC Berkeley, but I probably wouldn't have gotten in without his help. He taught me how to market myself in a way that would distinguish my application from the others. He was extremely communicative; whenever I called or emailed him with a question he would get back to me pronto. Thank you David and the College Match services!

    Elianna Cohen, College Match student, accepted to University of California, Berkeley

  • I was struck by Dave’s enthusiasm and positive attitude

    My daughter Sophie and I found College Match through an online search.  I had already interviewed several local college admissions guidance professionals who seemed competent but I was struck by Dave's enthusiasm and positive attitude. I was a bit reluctant to get  involved in a guidance relationship that was long distance but after a laudable reference from a parent who's son had just graduated from my  daughter's high school I was favorably impressed and took the chance. We toured 12-14 schools, most of which were recommended by Dave based on his understanding of Sophie's ability and capability. With generous consultation between Dave, Naren and Sophie, Sophie submitted seven applications. Any activity, even hard work, is fun when you succeed. So now that Sophie has been accepted at six of the seven schools we are having great fun choosing which  institution gets to continue my precious daughter's formal education. Sophie will attend NYU in the fall.

    John B. College Match Parent of College Match student accepted by New York University



My book, Brand U, further details my strategy to get and admissions officer to sit up and take notice of your application, rather than quickly tossing it in the “no” pile.

By not only focusing on HOW to apply but WHERE, I help set students apart from the pack by getting colleges to think of them as an asset, rather than an applicant.

Learn more and purchase David's books.

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